Running For Weight loss? Avoid These Bad Eating Habits To Succeed

Running For Weight lossFor most of us, one of our goals for running is to lose weight. Also, being active and getting regular exercise also doesn’t hurt.

Most of the time, we get too focused on what kind of diet to put in our mouths, while we put on that running shoes and go for a run.

However, if you are showing less than spectacular results, then it’s probably the mistakes that you don’t know that’s causing the “sluggish” progress.

To help you with that, this article is going to enumerate 3 of the most common bad habits of runners.

Evening Overfeeding

Common Mistake: You take an effort to run during the day. While you are at it, you tend to suppress you eating in an effort to maximize on the losing weight department. Then the evening comes, all hell breaks loose.

Since you’ve been running the entire day and holding off your food, your will eventually succumb during the night and you start devouring anything on sight. Here’s a suggestion on how you can correct this bad habit.



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