Does Running Help You Lose Weight? An Expert’s Honest Answer

Does it work or not? listen to what an expert has to say about running (video below)…

Does Running Help You Lose Weight?

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This is a big issue but maybe the question is not being asked quite the right way. Exercise by itself is not a good solution for weight loss. There is plenty of research to suggest that people who take up any kind of strenuous exercise just to cut their weight seldom achieve their goal.

Exercise of any kind is a very poor substitute for better eating habits when it comes to creating a calorie deficit. A far smarter way to drop the weight, even if you don’t exercise, is to make some small changes to your eating habits. The amount of calories that you expend, even during intense exercise, seldom exceeds 8 to 10 calories per minute. Most of the time you’ll be burning around 6 or 7 calories per minute. So even if you exercise at a high level for an hour, you’ll likely burn less than 500 calories. A search of exercises and calories burned shows that there are very few activities you can engage in that result in burning more than 500 calories per hour.

Eating less is a far more efficient way to lose weight than just exercising. For example, you can lose the same amount of calories by skipping the cheese on your lunch sandwich as you will get from running at a moderate pace for 20 minutes. You can lose the same amount of calories by not putting cream in two cups of coffee as you can by moderate weight lifting for 20 minutes.

The hype offered by companies selling exercise equipment to lose weight is just that, it’s hype. Any suggestion that you can lose weight by exercising without also controlling what you eat is folly. The fine print on virtually on this advertising even states that.

If weight loss is your goal, learn how to combine some moderate exercise or other activity with a smarter approach to eating such as modifying your eating habits. Learn to change your diet and the exercise you do will help you lose weight and get healthier.

So does running help you lose weight? Of course, but only when it’s done in conjunction with better eating habits. Keep in mind, if you don’t change your eating habits, your habits will make sure you never change.

If you are taking up running for the express purpose of losing weight – don’t. There are far easier ways to lose weight. If you just want to get some exercise and you’re not already someone who enjoys running, try walking. It is far easier on the body and mind and produces about the same results.

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