How To Run A Marathon – 6 Tips From An 84-Old Runner

How To Run A MarathonLooking for tips on how to run a marathon?

It’s always easy to say, “oh I can’t use these tips, I’m not a professional, which means I am not that fit”.

This is just a limiting belief. To prove that, here is Jules Wrinkler.

Mr. Wrinkler is an 80-year on man, and yes, he is still running a marathon with his trusty running shoes. In fact, he has been running them for more than a decade. So what are his tips for running a marathon? Well, thats what this article is all about.

Stop Stressing

Winkler was initially quite conscious and competitive when it came to time and performance. However, as time passed by, he found himself feeling rather disappointed in himself when he didn’t reach his time goals.



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