Running A Marathon – 5 Tips From A Pro

running a marathonAre you interested on running a marathon? Or, perhaps you simply want to know how you can extend your running distance?

One good philosophy to adopt is “Try not to re-invent the wheel”. In running, this means that try not to invent your own way when you are a beginner. The efficient way of doing thing is to learn from the professionals, and that’s what we are going to do right now.

Introducing Jared Ward, a degree holder for statistics and now a professional marathon runner. He made his mark when he took first place for 2015 USA Marathon Championships, for 2015 USA 25 km championship and for 2015 USA 20 km championships. With that kind of track record, it’s clear that Ward got a good formula and he isn’t just lucky.

So, without further delay, let’s cover Ward’s first important tip.

Don’t Ignore Any Minor Ache

Jared Ward pays attention to any unusual pain, and puts his training on hold when he experiences any bizarre ache. Learn from the best and you may succeed in avoiding serious injury problems. Skipping one or two days of training is not costly compared to dealing with a season-ending injury. Ward offers an additional tip.



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